Commitments Rabaud



Our development is based on the original values that have contributed to the success of RABAUD.

These values are always present: quality work, concern for customer satisfaction, the sense of innovation and human values.
The complete mastery of the process of design, manufacture, assembly, sale, delivery ... allows RABAUD offer quality French cars.

"This is the strength of our machines, that made us famous." Jerome RABAUD


RABAUD is a family business, now run by the second generation, which remains faithful to its commitments since 1980. All our efforts aim to provide our customers with products and services to optimize their return on investment.
Obtaining ISO 9001 in 2010, is the culmination of an approach of corporate quality for many years in order to satisfy and retain our customers.
With this certification, RABAUD is committed to providing:


A permanent offer of new products.

  With over 55 patents and a department of research and development of a dozen people, RABAUD has placed innovation at the heart of its strategy. So, each year, 5-10 innovative products from your requests and our knowledge of the field, are emerging.


On-time delivery

 Rabaud The company has its "fleet" of trucks and drivers. Our trucks travel the roads of France and neighboring countries to deliver on time and now the 11,000 machines produced per year. The drivers are also the demonstrators that offer customers an additional service (initiation machinery, answers to various questions).


Satisfaction with technical assistance.

  With personalized service, our strong technical support of a team of 14 people, recommending the use, maintenance of the machine and all parts to be replaced. RABAUD is committed to providing all the information on your machine; the latter being subjected to a specific owner


Timeliness deadlines

  With more than 12,000 reference articles, most of them in action, and partnerships with carriers benefit (expressed transport, courier), RABAUD is the ideal partner for the purchase of parts and accessories.
RABAUD is committed to all orders placed before 15:00 and registered on the same day to ship your items (subject to availability).


Compliance with standards.

 RABAUD undertakes to deliver machines and parts in strict accordance with the strictest standards. For this we offer a use machines safely while maintaining the ease of use and ease of maintenance.


Compliance with the Environmental Charter.

 Our production site, based in Vendée, has engaged in an environmentally friendly approach. All of our employees are the architects of this approach to sorting and recycling waste. Our manufacturing facility has two filtration of rainwater lagoons. Our different stages of production are subject to strict control guided by ISO 9001. Un eshop professionale completo a soli 49 euro l'anno con NewCart
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